Skype Room Systems v2 Update

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Skype Room Systems v2 has been available as an automatic update since March 16th. Release Notes are as follows:

  • Application updated to improve telemetry.
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Hi David,

We have experienced some issues with our SRS system since the previous 3 updates. We are currently running the 3.1.100-version. 

- The application takes longer time to start after a system reboot.

- The system does occasionally not autostart when someone stands in front of the screen.

- The screen sometimes work, but seems to be stuck in a "read mode". You cannot press anything related to the SRS application. With this, the clock does not update to the correct time, but is stuck showing the timestamp of the previous awakening of the screen. 


As stated in the 3.1.99 release note, 

  • Fixes an issue know to result in a device "hang" experience.

This does not seem to apply on our system.

I saw in the 3.1.99 release thread ( that a user named "rodelmurex" seems to have similar issues. 






@Johan Nilsson - Please send me a private message to discuss further.

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hello johan, I just disable the windows update and app update. via services , and task scheduler. So far, my room is fine. I am still using 3.1.99 ver.


by the way, my set up is only stand alone and did not join to domain yet.

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Hi @rodelmurex,

So the solution for us might be to having a GPO enabling the following settings?
- Do not allow update deferral policies to cause scans against Windows Update.

Having this policy enabled will deny Windows clients to initiate automatic scans against Windows Update. 

- Do not connect to any Windows Update Internet locations.

Enabling this policy will disable the functionality having Windows Update periodically retrieve information from the public Windows Update service to enable future connections to Windows Update, and other services like Microsoft Update or the Windows Store. 

Our system is a domain joined system, running all the latest firmware by having version 3.1.100 and SmartDock Firmware 1.1.8. 


If I understood you correct, your system got a fix by installing the 3.1.99 firmware?


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johan, yes as this device is very unstable. Dont allow any windows update or manage it via sccm .  so far the smartdock is not hanging anymore. 


The only issue right now is this morning totally, it could not detect the TV totally  :(  .. even i reboot for so many times. It might be the hardware but since i have spare i replace it for the mean time.


anyone setting up this device for two TV ? does it works? so far im only using 1 big TV and soon i will be using 2 tv .


im nearly giving up on this device but let me test now to joined to domain and manage via sccm all $tupid windows update. 














Microsoft Deployment Kit available here.

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Hi all,


Our SRS units have recently been automatically updated to version through the Windows Store and we have now notice devices experiencing freezing issues with touchscreen and during active meetings. Is there an archive of older SRSDeployKits_3.1.x as only 3.1.100 is now available to download and it isn't stable, plus steps to revert back to older version.


Thank you





Just posted this message to the blog post.


CreateSRSMedia.ps1 script has been updated to better handle > 4GB file sizes.  Check it out here.

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Hi all,


As I described in my previous posts, we have had some problems with our screen being frozen every morning when we try to use the system, so we have to reboot the system everyday as a temporary solution, but after some digging and some help from this forum I think we've found a solution for our system. 

I have a theory, that enabling these two GPOs below, resolves the freezing issue. At least it might have done so for our system. 


After I logged in to Windows on this system, it did rapidly start a feature update, which ran for a few minutes, but did not succeed. This must be because the Skype Room System has set this update to fail. (See this link for more in depth info).


The thing that caught my attention was that I could not press anything else than the presented action buttons (OK, Cancel, etc). Everything else was frozen. So this got me thinking, that this is probably what happens in the background when the screen freezes. Therefor, I think that having the stated GPOs set to "Enabled" and disabling the possibility for this system to do any Windows Update, our Skype Room System seems to be fully functionally. At least for now. 


If by any chance we still experience the same issues in the upcoming days, I will post an update. But if this is a permanent solution, I will not post an update. I hope this information saves someones time!


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hi johan, question when I joined this device to domain, the auto wake up when someone enter the room is not working :(


thanks for the info. I will not recommend this to other remote site which don't have a tech  . it seems really unstable .



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Hi again,


Unfortunately our issue has not been resolved. It was fully working for one day, then it went back to normal. Same as issue as rodelmurex describes, our screen freezes and we have to do a hard reboot. 


I cannot see anything in the event viewer that indicates "screen freezes". The screen is responsive after I manually wake it up, but is not responding to my clicks. I can see that it receives clicks as a water drop appears. 

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We are having similar issues on our SRS  The screen will freeze at random times and not respond to any input. Though it appears the hardware is sensing input as the "water drops" as you put it are visible when touching the screen.  


I will be attempting to reset my device to see if it resolves any issues.  FWIW, we are NOT running this device on our domain at this time.

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Update on last post:



- The SRS device screen will freeze at random times and not respond to any input. Frozen screen won't automatic display unless manually activate    and shows last awaken time stamp.  

-  We have to reboot the device as a temporary solution to restore service

-  Common theme this problem occurred when SRS software updated to


Here is our setup:

  • All the SRS devices are either Surface Pro 4 and Surface Pro 5 connect to Logitech Smart Docks
  • Have devices joined to Domain and devices not joined to Domain
  • SRS version and Logitech Smart Dock
  • All the Surface Pro 4 / 5 devices are running Windows 10 build 1703

We have active ticket open for 2 weeks with Microsoft which hasn't been helpful with providing any troubleshooting, only provided simple references to the SRS techcommunity blogs which I have read and tried everything to resolved this as suggested by Microsoft and community users. Nothing has worked.


Only solution recommend so far from Microsoft support is to reimage our SRS devices which we know and don't want to do unless no other options are available. As have many production SRS units onsite and remote, this has been problematic. We have an old SkypeDeploymentKit v3.0.015 have reimage a system back and start locking down Windows Updates and Windows Store updates. Waiting for Microsoft support but doesn't look promising.

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Will Microsoft/Logitech please respond to the following:

1. Please tell us how to correctly process an RMA for both the smartdock and surface pro.

2. Please post reliable instructions for properly re-configuring/re-imaging the surface pro for use with smartdock. Please include all steps and current Versions of OS, SRS and CEC patch that are proven to work reliably with single and dual display and what the order of operations for updating should be.  

4. Please provide a list of all surface pro update options that need to be selected or turned off.

4. Please provide a fix for CEC not working, Dual display not working, smartdock sensor not working, displays stops being recognized and no longer sees smartdock as source, surface pro freeze-up. (One day the smartdock works and the next day it does not).

5. Please release a list of Pro Displays (make/model) that are proven to work with the smartdock Surface Pro CEC reliably and without failure.

6. Please tell us when the Flex extender will be available.


We were about to deploy 200+ units for a fortune 100 company. This project is now on hold until we can prove the smartdock actually works. We can't wait much longer for responses to our questions and solutions to our problems of which there have been many.


Thank you!




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Our Smartdock is running on 3.1.100 and the virtual keyboard does not pop up when we select "New Meeting".

This was working before, can this be fixed relatively soon as we are still on Exchange 2010!



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strange, after I reimage ,the screen freeze is gone, everything is normal now and im still using v3.0.015  version. really inconsistent


Question to all - When we are using smartdock to smartdock call, the voice quality is not good specially when sharing screen. Are you guys using QOS on your network? im not a network guy thingy but I just want to know if you can advice me.


Smartdock calling a normal laptop is fine  but im not really sure whats the different when this two the same device communicate.


Just to add this is what we experience. Are you guys experiencing it? Hows your call quality when someone is sharing screen using the smartdock. us is really bad " voice cuts off and video degraded " If someone can confirm if this is a network issue, then good but the below says "its the TV model? " 


Regarding the quality, the sound starts breaking up and at times is cut completely. Video quality becomes degraded as soon as screen sharing is initiated on the dock, not pixelated, but is immediately lowered from HD and vice versa when the laptop is disconnected. This can be consistently reproduced. As I mentioned this issue could not be reproduced with a video projector.

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it happens again , screen freezes :(


@rodelmurex - Are you using Surface Pro 4 or Surface Pro 2017 (SP5)?  How long after meeting start do you observe the screen freeze issues or degraded video problem?

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The lasts update from Skype for Business Online Escalation Team on a open ticket:


They have identify some Issues that were reported on the last release SRS v3.1.100.0.

"SRS freezing after updating it to app version The clock stops, they cannot press on anything. Only a reboot makes it work again, but only for some time and then it freezes again”


We have a code fix expected to be coming on this by early next week for another Release to correct the issue.

Since its a Critical Functionality Loss Severity it is getting highest priority from product group to have this issue fix"


**So if you are doing a recovery to restore SRS to older build to resolve the freezing problem; you need to turn Off - Windows Store updates and would recommended to set local Group Policy to delay Windows Feature updates for 365 days until 1709 is supported as otherwise it'll download, try to install and failed if check for Windows Updates.


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Hi David,  The degrade happens when someone is sharing his/her screen . I dont think its a network,as laptop to laptop call is fine .

The set up is like this > two screen display + logitech smardock . Anyway, we will do a test again later asits a bit difficult as it happens on our remote office . Any suggestion ? by they way, surface pro 2017 


@all - for the freezing issue, did you guys install the new firmware for logitech smartdock? I have remove this and surprisingly it did not freeze again today . i will monitor it again. My set up for this , domain joined but we block all gpo policy first . 


Also , since i have another set of smartdock+surface pro , i installed SCCM on this device and quite useful as it controls the windows update but you need to communicate with your support with regards to policy which is now im doing. 


I will update again .Finalizing my set up later, 


Joined domain

SCCM installed - hopefully our it admin later can do some changes with the lock screen and registry 

Skype version - i will try to use the latest .

then more testing as i will be adding 5 skype room for this month.


im not giving up on this since i put a lot of effort and hopefully we can share here :) 













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there's a new version again -


@rodelmurex - Confirmed - we released to the Store earlier today.  I'll post release notes soon.


I just purchased and received a Logitech Smart Dock.


Exactly how do you update the Skype for Rooms software? From the current responses, I see that it's available in the Windows Store for Business, but when I navigate to the Store, I do not see updates available, nor that software available for install at all.


Is there a guide? It's running 3.0.12 and I would like to get it updated.

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I tried updating to the latest version of Skype Room System but got this error: 0x80070005 I was able to update the store to the latest version though. I am running windows 10 1607 (not able to upgrade to 1703, the update fails everytime). We too have the problem with random screen freezes.


Edit: I did a full reset with the script made available by David Groom. With this I was able to upgrade to 1709 (since I was stuck on 1607).

Everything works fine now.

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just to update, so far so good now :) our network team manage to resolve the sharing degradation as they have open this port TCP 443, 50,000-59,999  .


 thanks for this thread at least in our side its very stable now.


Question : is there anyone here set up Skype room in your training room? like 30 - 40 pax? Any video audio device you use?









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All of the issues above have been seen in our enviroment. 

However, we've resolved quite a lot of them using the new Logitech smartdock, which was in beta stage 1 month ago. 


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