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As all large events have humble beginnings, we are proud to introduce to you the first iteration of the SOF Skype for Business Troubleshooting Guides. The Troubleshooting Guides are an interactive system that provide IT Pros search capabilities to direct and help them when experiencing Skype for Business problems.   
We invested  a lot of time within the Skype Operations Framework(SOF), to explain troubleshooting basics. The, we created the SOF Basic Troubleshooting Guide, which explains different tool usage and how to facilitate a basic strategy to start attacking possible issues. After receiving feedback, we realized that in certain situations, people don’t really know where to start troubleshooting for specific scenarios. This can result in scenarios where unnecessary or incorrect work is done, or too much time is spent with specific tools without much progress or resolution.
When you go through the Troubleshooting Guides, a set of simple questions help determine the general direction in which your problem lies. We then provide troubleshooting guidance based on your answers. This guidance can be a TechNet article, a blog post or a Troubleshooting Guide, all relevant to your specific issue. We hope this greatly reduces the amount of time spent on troubleshooting and leads to more time enjoying the product.
As a final note, I want to state that this is meant to help you troubleshoot at the right time. This does not replace our support ticket process. Should your environment be in serious trouble, and you need help now, follow the same process of logging a case with Microsoft.
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On, you can also use this direct link to open a support case on Skype for Business 2015. Here is the link for the full list of products.
We hope this first iteration is helpful to you as we continue to add new guidance to this Troubleshooter. Please provide feedback on the quality of the guidance and specific areas where you would like more help.

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