Skype for Business on Mac: March 2017 readiness update
Published Mar 30 2017 12:57 PM 3,624 Views

We just released the latest update for Skype for Business on Mac (for release notes see here: What's new in Skype for Business 2016?). To reflects the latest status in our training, we updated it as well.


What has changed in the training?
If you have watched the training before, you will notice that most of the training is still the same. We made only the following two changes:

  • Feature breakdown
    Instead of walking through the different features of Skype for Business on Mac, we now refer to the Desktop client comparison tables for Skype for Business Server 2015 and the release notes What's new in Skype for Business 2016?. These two resources will give you always the latest information on features in Skype for Business on Mac. Jump in the video to minute 19:20 to view the updated content
  • UCWA dependencies
    In past couple of month we released several updates to the server, the service and the client. The UCWA dependencies slide has been updated to incorporate these changes. Jump to minute 21:50 to view the updated content.

Thanks a lot to @Richard T Schwendiman for providing this training!



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