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We’ve observed that as of October 24th this year that some customers may not have updated their firewalls to allow new Media Relay IP address ranges, added to the Office 365 URL and IP address list in July 2016 and therefore, may be seeing a higher than normal rate of failure. 


For those tenants who have users that have been negatively impacted by this planned change, a failure rate of >50% may be seen affecting the performance and reliability when accessing Skype for Business from within Tenant Networks. Not all tenants have been impacted by this change due to the differences between Tenant Network configurations.


To investigate your own environment for impact you should leverage the Online Call Quality Dashboard at as a Skype for Business administrator of your tenant. To do so, navigate to the portal and enter the detailed reports section by using the drop down at the top or navigating directly to

Once within the detailed portal, create a new report from the menu on the left-hand side.
In that new report for Failures, we will add a dimension “Second Network Range” which allows us to see the source network of your users for whom this failure is occurring. Also add the “Second Relay IP” to ensure you see to which relay your users might be failing to connect.
For Measurements we will add two Measurements; search for the word “fail” and add the “Total Media Failed Stream Count” and “Total Call Setup Failed Stream Count” measurements. Ensure as well that you have created a table type chart. Due to that, the colors do not matter.
For Filters, we are going to filter by the networks of the media relay IP addresses we’ve added that it’s possible your users aren’t connecting to. As you can see below, the Subnet must be represented with dashes instead of periods as separators in the IP address. Add “52-112-193” with a “contains” type match for the “Second Relay IP” address filter.

This should allow you to narrow down from which networks your user are attempting connections to Skype for Business in Office 365, and are having a failure. Ensure that all the IP addresses and URLs in the link above are being whitelisted and that users have access to them.

For additional information about creating queries within CQD see the guidance on TechNet.

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