One of These Things is Not Like the Others: Challenge 5
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First published on TECHNET on Feb 14, 2011

One of These Things is Not Like the Others: Challenge 5

No doubt you've spent a lot of time wondering how we go about picking the weekly Lync Server 2010 PowerShell Challenge. Because of that, we thought we'd give you a little insight into the process. Awhile back we came up with about 20 or so questions we thought might make reasonably good challenges. Each week we carefully analyze the Lync Server discussion forums; convene several focus groups to talk about the most pressing Lync Server issues of the day, and then run a number of simulated challenges through a mainframe computer; using a patented algorithm that helps us select the most relevant challenge for that particular date and time. And then, when that's all done, Jean Ross says, "Just go with the third question in the list," and we end up going with the third question in the list.

So here it, the third question in the list: Which one of these Microsoft Lync Server 2010 cmdlet parameters is not like the others?





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