One of These Things is Not Like the Others: Challenge 17
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First published on TECHNET on May 09, 2011

Today marks a very historic occasion: it's the 17 th Lync Server PowerShell One of These Things is Not Like the Others challenge! How historic could that be? Let's put it this way. In the future, there will be three questions asked of everyone:

1. Where were you when Neil Armstrong first set foot on the moon?

2. Where were you when the Berlin Wall fell?

3. Where were you when the Lync Server PowerShell blog held its 17 th One of These Things is Not Like the Others challenge?

To be honest, we don't care too much about the first two questions; what's done is done. What we do care about is the fact that some people are going to have to answer question 3 by hemming and hawing and then saying something like, "Well, I was kind of busy that week, you know, we were having some problems with our wireless access point, and, um, you know, the dog kept wanting to go out and then wanting to come back in and so I really didn't have time to ….." Listen: do you want to be that person? We didn't think so.

So how can you avoid being that person? Well, for one thing, you don't have to drop everything you're doing just to let the dog in; it won't kill him to stay outside for a few more minutes. For another, you can tell us which of the following Lync Server PowerShell parameters is not like the others:





We realize that, for many people, the 60s remain a bit hazy, and you might not have the slightest idea where you were when Neil Armstrong first set foot on the moon. As for the Berlin Wall, by the 1980s people had stopped reading newspapers; because of that, many of you might just now be learning that the Berlin Wall fell. (It did; cross out hearts.) But don't worry about that: as long as you have a good answer when it comes to the 17 th Lync Server PowerShell challenge, well, no one will really care.

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