One of These Things is Not Like the Others: Challenge 11
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First published on TECHNET on Mar 28, 2011

One of These Things is Not Like the Others: Challenge 11

Here's a quick question for you: what are the nine sweetest words in the English language? As you probably guessed – what's that? Well, now that you mention it, those nine words are pretty sweet, aren't they? Definitely better than the nine words we were thinking. For that matter, so are those nine words. And those. And –

OK, so maybe we didn't exactly come up with the nine sweetest words when we sat down to write this article. But the nine we came up with are still pretty good:

It's time for a new Lync Server PowerShell challenge.

Note . And yes, those nine words would be even sweeter if we replaced Lync Server with double chocolate , wouldn't they?

At any rate, it really is time for a new Lync Server One of These Things is Not Like the Other weekly challenge. (Seems like just a week ago that we had the last weekly challenge, doesn't it?) This week's challenge is a little tricky, but we have faith in you; we're convinced that if anyone can tell us which of these Lync Server PowerShell commands is not like the others, well, it's you, our faithful readers:

Get-CsUser –Identity ""

Get-CsUser –Identity ""

Get-CsUser –Identity "Ken Myer*"

Get-CsUser -Identity "litwareinckenmyer"

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