Another update: Call Queues and Auto Attendant training

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Note: Please note that Call Queues and Auto Attendant got another update. For the latest information see 


After updating the training last week with the feature updates from October and November, here is another update with the new capabilities from December.


The recommendation remains the same as previously: if you are new to Call Queues and Auto Attendant or need a refresher, we recommend to watch the training recorded by Senior Program Manager @Korneel Bullens. If you "only" need to know the most recent changes, please refer to the following blog articles:

Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback in the community.




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@Thomas Binder how do you export the Greeting and/or Action along with the holiday name and date/time?  I will have nearly a hundred AA's and they point back to a common holiday AA greeting as the 'action'.  However, when I export and import it seems it only brings the name along with the date/time over.  Any guidance on this would be appreciated.  


@Mike Messer, unfortunately there is currently no export. However, I would like to encourage you to capture the idea via 

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