Announcing the release of Skype for Business Server Cumulative Update 5

Published May 17 2017 09:19 PM 8,002 Views

Skype for Businesses is pleased to announce the release of SfB Server Cumulative Update 5




In addition to various bug fixes, several new features are included in this update.


What's New: 

1. Enable Delegate Management in UCWA (Unified Communication Web API)

2. UCWA scopes based authorization supported for onprem

3. CORS (Cross Origin) supported for onprem

4. JoinLauncher: Port Modern Meeting Join Experience to W16

5. Fix move-csmeetingroom cmdlet for onprem->online move

6. Supporting CallerID policy for hybrid tenants

7. Create New-CsOnPremApplicationEndpoint commandlet (Intune)


For more information, please visit

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Support for Windows Server 2016? The TechNet page mentions it would be coming in CU5:


Edit: I guess the page does say "after CU5", so maybe no support yet.

Hi @Jeff Brown - stay tuned.  It's coming!  


Thank you for this update!  I was about to open a ticket and now I don't have to.


5. Fix move-csmeetingroom cmdlet for onprem->online move

@Earl Zirkle - Boom!

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Is there an enhancement in this CU to enable the "Press 1" for the PSTN "call me at" feature in order to prevent getting voice mails on SfB conferences?  Rumor has it that was being released soon for on premise SfB 2015. Fingers crossed. 


Looks like Support for 2016 is included.  


Supports to use Windows 2016 as the operating system in Skype for Business Server 2015



@Deleted, unfortunately the support article was published prematurely. We will announce via blog as soon as Windows Server 2016 is supported.




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Download not available: 

We're sorry, this download is no longer available.

@Wolfgang Bach Try again - it may have been down for a bit but it should be up again.  Sorry for the confusion.

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The downloads are available. Is Skype for Business Server 2015 officially supported on Windows Server 2016 now?


The following article shows: Article ID: 4015888 - Last Review: 20 Jun 2017 - Revision: 12

Cumulative update adds supports for Windows Server 2016 to Skype for Business Server 2015




@Earl Zirkle -- Wanted to reach out to you.  How did moving your on-prem sfchub and/or SrS to Skype Online go when using the Move-CsMeetingRoom cmdlet?


Hello @David Christensen ,

We didn't use it.  We decided to use normal SfB accounts instead of meeting rooms.  It's working great for us so far.

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