Advanced Calling Features - Broadcast Series: 4/28/17 -FAQ
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@Marina Kolomiets joined @Sean Wilson for a chat about Advanced Calling Features in Cloud PBX.  Here are some of the frequently asked questions from that live session - link to the recording can be found below.


Q: When a call is routed to a free attendant can the attendant see where the call's original point of contact was. The point being a secretary to Ms. Bigwig covers the receptionist while she goes to lunch. She needs to know whether to answer the call as "Hello this is Ms. BigWig's office" or whether to answer with "Hello this is ACME engineering how may I help you"

A: Call Context passing for forwarded calls or calls that went through a Menu Options tree before reaching the User is not currently available at GA


Q: Does this features support Hybrid Topology?

A: At GA, only pure Online Topologies are supported - please join Preview to get early access to the upcoming support for Auto Attendant/Call Queues on Hybrid Topologies


Q: Is there a limit to the number of q members?

A: Currently every Queue can have up to 50 Agents


Q: How do you get replication so fast in the cloud? Can we get that in the op-prem version?

A: Rapid replication is one of the advantages of moving to the Cloud solution.


Q: Can user setup a AA...instead of Admin?

A: Currently, only Admins can setup company Auto Attendants


Q: How about AA send a call to external PSTN?

A: Please join Preview to get early access to the upcoming enhancements like forwarding/transferring calls to external PSTN Numbers.


Q: So, you can make call flows to multiple Queues?

You can setup Auto Attendant to have multi-level options: "Press 1 for Queue A, Press 2 for Queue B, press 3 for Service Menu" and have Services Menu be "Press 1 for Queue C, Press 2 for Queue D"


Q: Is the MoH customizable?

A: Yes, MOH is customizable for every Queue


Q: Are there any plans to expand the Call Queues beyond just "Ring everyone in group"? (ie: ACD, Hunt group, etc)

A: Yes, there are plans to add other Routing methods to Call Queues – please join Preview to get early access to test-drive Call Queue enhancements



For more information on the topic, view Tiffany Wissner's blog post "Now Available: Auto Attendant and Call Queues for Skype for Business Cloud PBX in Office 365"


The recording of this live session can be found here: 



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