SharePoint 2019 Preview now supported in the SharePointDsc v3.0 Preview branch

Published 08-21-2018 12:14 PM 1,536 Views
On July 24th, the Preview version of SharePoint 2019 was released. Of course we want to support SharePoint 2019 with SharePointDsc, which is why we have been working behind the scenes on adding this support to the module. That is why I am very glad to announce that, with a little delay due to vacations, support of SharePoint 2019 Preview has now been added to the "v3.0-development" branch in our GitHub repo.
Please go ahead and start testing SharePointDsc with SharePoint 2019 and let us know if you encounter any issues by creating a new issue in the issuelist.
Besides the addition of support for SharePoint 2019 Preview, a few other breaking changes have also been added to this branch. The current Changelog is:
  • Changes to SharePointDsc
    • Add support for SharePoint 2019 Public Preview
  • SPConfigWizard
    • Fixed check for Ensure=Absent in the Set method
  • SPSearchContentSource
    • Added support for Business Content Source Type
  • SPSecurityTokenServiceConfig
    • The resource only tested for the Ensure parameter. Added more parameters.

The following changes will break v2.x and earlier configurations that use these resources:

  • Implemented IsSingleInstance parameter to force that the resource can only be used once in a configuration for the following resources:
    • SPAntivirusSettings
    • SPConfigWizard
    • SPDiagnosticLoggingSettings
    • SPFarm
    • SPFarmAdministrators
    • SPInfoPathFormsServiceConfig
    • SPInstall
    • SPInstallPrereqs
    • SPIrmSettings
    • SPMinRoleCompliance
    • SPPasswordChangeSettings
    • SPProjectServerLicense
    • SPShellAdmin
    • SPSPSecurityTokenServiceConfig
  • Standardized Url/WebApplication parameter to default WebAppUrl parameter for the following resources:
    • SPDesignerSettings
    • SPFarmSolution
    • SPWebAppBlockedFileTypes
    • SPWebAppGeneralSettings
    • SPWebApplication
    • SPWebApplicationAppDomain
    • SPWebAppSiteUseAndDeletion
    • SPWebAppThrottlingSettings
    • SPWebAppWorkflowSettings
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