Your file isn't XML-compliant

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Has anyone encountered this error message before, or knows what it means and how to correct it?


What happened:

  • We acquired a company, and I accidentally overwrote our root site. (I accidentally migrated acquired company's root site over our company's root site.)
  • We did a carbonite restore of the root site, which reverted everything back.
  • And now when I go to the home page ( it comes up with this error message (see above screenshot).
  • I can get to the Search page ( and conduct searches.
  • I'm able to get into the Site Manager screen (sitemanager.aspx) and pull up the Site Master Gallery and preview the Seattle master page.



I inherited this SharePoint site from the previous person in-charge, which is no longer with the company so I don't have any background knowledge of how they created it. However, I spoke to the IT Manager, and he did mention the previous person made some custom changes to the SharePoint template, whatever that means. We have no idea what was made. 

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