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The company where I am an employee asked for a solution on the intranet (sharepoint online) that would provide other employees with a way to try to set the score for the 2022 World Cup games.
The closest I could get was the availability of form before each match.
Do you have any suggestions or solutions for this?

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@Jilmar You can develop your own app using Power Apps or SharePoint framework (SPFx).

  1. Use Power apps if you want to develop the simple app quick app where you want to show forms to users and then some dashboard about what are the predictions made by users using those forms. 
    1. For example: Soccer World Cup Prediction Game with PowerApps 
  2. Use SPFx if you want to build complex application or you want to work with any third part APIs. 
    1. Documentation: SharePoint framework overview 
    2. Check these SPFx sample which may help you to get started with the development: SPFx samples 

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