World Clock web part question about time zones


I've added several World Clock web parts and they are not showing the time zone correctly. I am in Eastern Time Zone, the Sharepoint hub regional settings are set to Eastern and my personal settings are set to Eastern.


In the image, the times are correct but the "1h ahead" in the web part is either showing this incorrectly or not at all. I would think that if all my settings were Eastern, the Eastern wouldn't show anything, Central would be "1h behind", Mountain would be "2h behind", etc... What gives? Thx!


Screen Shot 2020-04-22 at 2.49.13 PM.png

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Yes, I have the same question. anyone can help? 


I have not figured out why the web part doesn't follow my time settings for the site. I did figure out that we have to put all of the time zone web parts into the same container whether you have 3, 12, or more parts etc. Spreading the time zone web parts across different containers produces odd results as well. We finally hired a company to create a custom web part for us where the times are listed in a table. Function over form, right?

Came across this question when I was looking for something else so I don't know if this is still outstanding, but I actually know the answer! Here is what is going on - and I agree, it makes NO sense. The "one hour ahead" is not relative to YOU, it's relative to the first time zone in the web part - in the example in your picture, Mountain Time is one hour ahead of Pacific Time. All true, but completely confusing if I am in Eastern time. Instead of having all your time zones in one web part, the work-around is to add a separate web part for each time zone. That will ensure that you see the time as it is in each local location without the confusing "relative time" listed.
Thanks so much for this reply! It helped me out a lot! Had the same issue and coudl not figure out why, bu after your comment I changed it and added two separate web parts and now it looks fine. Thanks, you saved me a lot of headache!
I missed your response. It looks like my company has disconnected the login ability via O365! In my case, I'm tracking 18 locations - some time zones are the same, of course. I had not tried to put 1 per web part but I will test your suggestion. The web part unfortunately takes up a lot of room on a page. With 18, that's pretty much the entire page. Thanks for the insight!
Try using a three column layout - one time zone in each column. I typically do this at the bottom of the page to minimize scrolling. You can add an anchor link at the top so users can jump to that section easily.