Workflow History - Purging files out of the list

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I have read many posts here about this and find this quite disturbing that I cannot set up a workflow that allows me to purge items out of the workflow history list. I do not want to use powershell. I need an automated way to purge these. I had over 42,000 items and it seems this was bogging down my workflows. I cannot find a way to do this. There should be a way to use workflows that says if a workflow item in the history list is older than 3 months remove it. I tried going in the backway by viewing the workflow history list and then using the ribbon opening a workflow in sharepoint designer. While I was able to create the workflow, I cannot use my scheduler app to kick it off. It says this is not allowed. So Please someone tell me a way. Information Retention does not work. I want something to remove these items in the workflow history with an automated solution. I have been using data sheet mode trying to manually remove these and this is taking for ever. At least if they would allow us to create a workflow that deletes the item on the workflow history if created before the last 3 months, I could use that. That isnt working. I need another solution. I have over 50 workflows running and this list is getting bogged down. Does anyone outside of PowerShell or manually using datasheet mode a way to remove these easily? 


This should be a no brainer. I am perplexed on this. Any help would be appreciated. 


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