Word quick parts - issues with managed metadata when converting word to pdf

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Hello everyone,

I am having an odd issue which I am not sure how to deal with. I have a site (SharePoint Online) with document sets and different content types. Within document sets I create various Word documents which I fill with data using Word Quick parts (data from columns). Everything seems to work fine until I export the file to PDF via Microsoft flow (when I open the original Word files, everything is filled in correctly). Most of the time, all the information is filled in, except of 2 quick parts, which are basically filled with managed metadata. For some reason, only these 2 are not getting the information, even thought the original Word document has those filled in (I basically take the same document and convert it to PDF file). I am not sure why this is happening. Also, one of my former colleagues has created a custom functionality to create PDF files directly on SharePoint (not using Flow), but the same thing happens. The only way when all data is filled in PDF document is when you convert file directly from word using File --> Export --> Create PDF. From what I see, it seems that in this process, quick parts have the issue with column types of managed metadata, as the other ones work as expected.

If anyone has any idea why this happens, I would much appreciate it.

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