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I have a form I created in Word. It is restricted so only the fields can be filled in. I have saved it as a Content Type multiple ways ie: Doc Content Type: Document; Doc Content Type: Form, etc. (I've also tried as a Word doc and as a Word template) and then added it as a content type to my library. When I open it by choosing New in the library, it opens in Word, I fill in the fields, and save it. It does not save as a new file in the library, it saves as the new content type doc. So when I open New again, the form has the data I entered into the fields the last time. 


Could it have something to do with the URL I used for the content type?

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Hi I do not understand exactly what's happening in your scenario but as I understand things you created a form in Word document e.g. abc.doc or abc.docx and connected this document to the content type. Did you save the Word document as a Word template? So abc.dot or abc.dotx. That should trigger creating a new document each time.


Again perhaps you did all this and I didn't understand it correctly. #hopethishelps ;)


Hi Sander,


That is correct, I created a form, saved it as a template (dotx) and then used that template to create a new content type. When I choose "New" in the library, it opens the same file - if I type into the form it will then show that new text when I next open a New form, and also I am able to delete or type over protected parts of the form.

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