Will This Work? (Using SharePoint List to Manage Foster Care Placements)

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Hi Folks,

I work in foster care, we’re currently experiencing a supply/demand issue with homes, and I have an idea that I believe will help tremendously. Part of this idea would involve using an online platform of some kind and I’m thinking of using SharePoint. I’m somewhat experienced with the platform but before I select it, I’m wondering if more experienced users can confirm that some of the aspects of the project are possible in SharePoint:

· It would be a secure SharePoint list; logins would be required to access it.

· The list would be accessible to ~250 individual members each with their own login credentials.

· The list view would be based on separate member groups such that:

o Group A: can create items but see and edit only their own

o Group B: can see all items and edit all items

o Group C: can see all items but not edit any

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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I'm also working in Foster Care, in Ontario.

I have been using SharePoint for over 12 years.

With the new features integrated with SharePoint I will be updating our sites and resources.

I'm going to use Power Apps and Power Automate to create an intuitive experience.

Would you be interested in collaborating/cost sharing?