Will Microsoft Lists get it's own UserVoice and/or Community forum for feedback?

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I find it strange that there's no clear path to provide feedback on the new Lists app.  Yes, I'm aware "Lists" has been a part of SharePoint forever, and both this forum and the SharePoint UV forum has categories for Lists discussion.


However, when going through the "Help" section in Lists, I noted that there's no instruction on where to provide feedback for the average user.  The product pages also do not point me anywhere particular to submit feedback or get community help.  This suggests (to me at least) that there may be a plan for that in the near future.


I've also heard rumblings about Microsoft in the process of abandoning User Voice.  Perhaps that's part of the cause for the hold-up?

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@AlexH980 I'm also interested in knowing this. I'd like to know of developments they are considering which might mean this app would be suitable for us.  Improvements to control "incoming" content and publication. 1 be able to mark columns as not for external publication (view & edit only by the SP site owners); 2 force notification and review of updates from organisation directory (assessment of whether they can remain office-bearer).