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It is possible to transfer one wiki page from one site to another? So I wont re make the same page again and again.




No option to choose another site


Does SharePoint support this kind of feature? I am using M365 Business Basic by the way :)



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Hi @gmj12345 - there's no 'copy' function like in a Document Library, but you can build a quick Power Automate flow - Copy SharePoint page between sites with Power Automate (


Hope that helps.

Hi @Kelly_Edinger 


what to choose if I only want to copy one SharePoint wiki page to another SharePoint site?



Also have you tried the given link?


It's the same process regardless of page count. And yes, I have used the instructions from that link. And you may only need one page copied now, but you can copy (or edit) that flow for future use against different page libraries.



What to choose here?



Complete a custom action for the selected file



That you meant?




Yes, after you select 'Create a flow' and see the big list of choices in your screenshot, select the 'Complete a custom action for the selected file'