Why Sharepoint is so expensive compared to Onedrive?

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Hello, I'm looking to move some old IaaS storage to cloud and i'm looking at Sharepoint and Onedrive, Microsoft gives you 1TB free storage of Sharepoint + 10GB for each license, and if you want more space you have to pay 2,5 euros a year for each GB, so if you want another 1TB you have to spend 2500$ a month, seems kinda crazy.

However, if i'm not mistaken, each E1 license or above (also M365 Bussiness) have 1 TB of personal Onedrive per user, and it's pennies in comparison, if you have 5 or more users with a Plan 2 license, you get unlimited Onedrive space.

Am I missing something? I'ts not really 1TB per user in Onedrive? It's there another way to get cheaper Sharepoint?

I'm thinking in using unlimited Onedrive and put all the things there, you can share it with other accounts just like Sharepoint

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Yeah Bro @anarion321, i think the sharepoint storage is so expensive, now my sharepoint is almost full, and i need to add 1 TB Sharepoint Storage by paying USD 2.357 for one year.


I hope there is a solution from Microsoft by providing cheaper Sharepoint storage prices..