Why not have an optional left side navigation in communication site?

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When we moved from 2013 to SPO I made the landing site a communication site because it was the right choice for a common first / Main page for the company. It gave new options.

Now the users want a quick lunch (left navigation ) like they are used to in 2013.


I don't an answer when asked why no left navigation in SPO communication site? I do not see the logic in not even have it as an option. What is so wrong about it.


Anyone can give me an answer? :)

thank you



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@ofergalinIsrael This is by default in SharePoint. As per Microsoft, communication site cannot have left side navigation. 


Check below references for more information & reasons: 

  1. Can I move the navigation for the communication site to be of the left side instead on top 
  2. Enabling left navigation for communication SharePoint site 

If you want Microsoft to allow this feature, please submit feedback/idea on feedback portal: SharePoint feedback portal 

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@ganeshsanap This does not explain WHY not have left navigation. 

It could be an option with a disclaimer that ??? will not work or will have some side effect.

Users want options, not limitations.:sad: