Why is there a "Share to Yammer" function for SharePoint News and no "Share to Teams"?

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Sharing SharePoint News to a Teams channel is more difficult that it should be, and I'm curious to know if there's a reason for this.


The default "Share/Promote" options are to use email and/or Yammer.  Email is not ideal because most of our clients are trying to reduce their email 


Emailing SharePoint News to a team channel is a workaround, but I haven't found it reliable. 


SharePoint News to Yammer works perfectly, but most of my clients are still wrapping their heads around Teams and don't want to manage Yammer too.


The old SharePoint News connector never worked properly, so we abandoned it years ago.


Manually posting SharePoint News links to a Teams channel would be simple enough, except Teams doesn't unfurl those URLs for some reason.


That leaves us with Power Automate to handle sharing between SharePoint and Teams, which works fine (especially with Adaptive Cards) but is not ideal for new M365 users.


Is there any good news on the horizon that will address this?

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You could use the connector in Teams to post news to Teams but the news post would have to be added to the SharePoint site connected to the Team in order for this to work. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/add-team-site-news-in-a-teams-channel-743607c0-9510-414b-...

@atrain204 I agre, it's a strange omission given the emphasis Microsoft have put on Teams. I do the JSON-formatted button approach that runs the flow to post the adaptive card. It works fine but should be a bit easier for users to do themselves.


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TBH I gave up on this connector years ago for being unreliable
Fingers crossed for some good news from the M365 conference this week