Why Export list to excel show all the items?

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My question does the feature "Export to excel" export all the items of the list. 

Shouldn't it export only the items that the current user has permission on it ?


I tried it with my test account which chas permission on 6 items, and when I'm using Export to Excel feature, I can see all the list items... :(


Thanks :) ! 

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The 'Export to Excel' will export all the items in the list, irrespective of the view or permission. I hope soon there will be an update to this feature.
export to excel should respect item level permissions. Are you sure the list isn’t setup using security by obscurity by filtering the items you see via view?
It is now the last month of 2023, and I can still reproduce this problem. My list has item-level permissions, and different users see different things based on those permissions. No issue there. The issue is that the "Export to Excel" option creates a query file, and whomever has the local Office license will see whatever they can see, bypassing the list-item level security. This is a major, major, vulnerability for lists that have item-level security. Using the "Export to CSV" option seems to respect the item-level security (but not filters) as it spits out the data directly to Excel. One can hide the entire Export menu from the list using the JSON view formatting. I will try to do the same for some of the Export submenus. What a mess.