Why does the image get blocked?

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I'm having difficulty with the Title web part. When I upload an image and change the layout to "Image and title", the image gets covered by a gradient and the title text changes from black to white. This is the original image:



And this is what it looks like after uploading:



The image is darker, especially near the bottom.


How can I prevent the image from being covered? I asked this in Microsoft Answers and was told that this is not possible, but if you keep the default image then the image isn't covered, so I'm wondering if this can be done programmatically.




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@Shane Goodman it isn't possible to remove the gradient but there are a cpouple of uservoice requests for it which you can vote for, for example here.


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@RobElliott I think Microsoft is moving away from UserVoice.

Thanks for this, I was wondering the same hehe