Why does SharePoint elongate URLs?

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Hi, does anyone know why SharePoint makes the URL much longer than others when creating a site?
If I remove the back-end of the URL, it still works, but just generally curious why it does this in the first place...
The major difference I notice between a site that DOES NOT do this, and a site that DOES, is that the Site Contents > Pages has a different "Home" folder name... is that all it is? Will I break something if I update it at this point? It's a very heavily used site so just wanted to reach out here first. 






Thank you in advance!

Morghan C. 

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Hello @mdcastorena 


every site has at least one page, the homepage of a site. All pages, also the homepage from a site, are created in the /SitePages/ library. There, you can define a page as homepage:



The direct site URL https://{TENANT}/sites/DocumentStore/ will open automatically the homepage, there is defined as homepage in the SitePages library. When you create a new page and you will define this as homepage, you don't need to change any URLs or navigation links when you use the Site URL.


Assets, images that you insert on pages, will be saved in the SiteAssets library.


Best, Dave