Why do modern pages leave so much white space?



When using modern pages, there is always about 25% of the screen width that is unused on the right side.  Why won't any web parts extend further to the right and use that space?





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The amount of unused screen width actually depends on your screen resolution which is quite common for Web Applications I think. The larger your screen (resolution) the larger the amount of unused space there will be. 


It would be nice though to have some "full-width" layouts available...

Why not make the Sections horizontally responsive ?!
Easy solution and looks a lot better and more efficient.


Also the spacing between documents in a library or list, should give the user the choice to adapt it ! 

@Tom Castiglia @microsoft 


Please have been complaining about this for 2 years and Microsoft still has not done anything to fix it.   When will Microsoft respond or act?

@Tom CastigliaDo we know if this has been looked at in any way? I am trying to put together sites (working on 2k) and there is a a lot of white space on the right hand side. They look great in 1080p but most of the business I work for is on 2k screens now.

We had to develop a custom script in my company to have this full screen experience.
It is way better and more efficient to browse the pages.
No idea why MS still is holding the train...

@Lucas LamozaI will probably have to go with that option. I haven't developed anything for SharePoint Modern yet as this is my first time on it. Is there a good way to get started with adding in things like that?