Why can documents be edited in the web application, but read only in the desktop app?

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Hello all,

We have a library and although I am a site administrator I can open documents in the Office Desktop Apps read only. This affects all documents in the library. In the web application I can edit. We have assigned permissions for individual folders and files for colleagues within the library, but I don't think this has anything to do with my profile for now. A permissions check for my profile shows the following:




It's really annoying because we've had these problems before. At that time, Microsoft support said that as long as content permissions are enabled, SharePoint always syncs read-only to the desktop apps. With a lot of work we created a workaround to disable content approval and now we are facing the same problems.


Any help is appreciated. Many thanks in advance

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Additional information: If I pause the synchronisation for my OneDrive app, the document can be opened normally from SharePoint. When I reactivate the synchronisation, the document opens in read-only mode again.

Do you have Check-in and Check-Out enabled?
If you do then you cannot sync the library using OneDrive, or as we also found out recently, you cannot use "Add Shortcut to OneDrive" as this also does the same.
Thanks for your reply Simon.
Nope its not enabled. I also contacted the MS Support but got no answer yet.
Very very frustrating guys