Why are links to my SharePoint files considered "external", and how do I fix it?

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I have multiple Excel files in SharePoint with formulas that reference other Excel files, which are also on my SharePoint site.  Every time I open one of these files I get an "External Data Connections have been disabled" message.


First, why does SharePoint treat files in the same tenancy as "external"?

Second, as the administrator, how do I add my SharePoint site to a global list of trusted locations, so none of my users have to deal with this error?


In other words, I want to make mycompany.sharepoint.com a trusted site without allowing other external connections.


Thank you for your help!

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As far as I know, once you have a link in an excel workbook that links to another excel workbook, such a link is considered an external link. So technical speaking, it is not SharePoint that is treating your links as external, This excel way of telling you that there are links to other resources which is not in the same workbook. (There is no solution to this). Excel Online does not support external links so it will be disabled.
@Dhammy2022 That is the best explanation I have received so far, and that includes conversations with Microsoft support. Thank you for that.

Do you how to add a specific URL as a Trusted Site as an administrator, so it applies for all users in my organization?

You are welcome.
For your second concerns, it is not my area of expertise, but I think a policy is what would be used.

I found some links for you tho, For Edge, you will need to use Group Policy, please see https://docs.pingidentity.com/bundle/pingoneforenterprise/page/mdd1564020495258.html