who to contact about the sharepoint spaces

kath patterson

the SharePoint spaces have become very messy with


  1. no clear distinction between "sharepoint" and "sharepoint developer"
  2. no separation between SPO and on-prem sharepoint posts
  3. no distinction of Microsoft announcements and general community problem posting
  4. no way to flag "How To" answers as distinct to the many many "I have a problem" posts  
  5. Labels are very unstructured and not much use for SPFx community
  6. No clear connection to PnP video casts so that feedback on these can be channelled.


How can regular users suggest changes and inspire some improvement?

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Thanks for posting, the posts are structured the meet requirements from the individual product teams. Announcements are usually posted on the blogs and SharePoint blog is here. With regards to your other points I will highlight them to the SharePoint team for some comment and will circle back as soon as I get a reply.


Apologies I didn't see your idea / comment sooner we have been focused on delivering the Microsoft Tech Summit content these last few weeks. 



thank you Allen. I look forward to your comments. The community is a very valuable tool and anything we can do to improve it benefits us all. I am keen to contribute on documentation and pnp feedback but I do find it hard to identify a channel without resorting to twitter. I hope my thoughts are constructive and stimulate some debate about refinements here. many thanks from the UK.

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