Who are allowed to Show/Hide fields inside modern UI

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Recently SharePoint start showing an option to show /hide columns inside create and edit forms as follow:-




So i have these 2 questions:-

1) who is allowed to show/hide fields? i tried this using office 365 admin, but not sure if contributors can show/hide fields?

2) will the effect of show/hide apply to the current user only? or to all users?


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@john john  Anyone with edit permissions to list can modify the form. It is for all users. Office 365 / Team Site group guests can also by default see and edit the form with this setting. 

I just did a test in my dev tenant on targeted release. It allows members with edit access to show or hide the columns and it impact everyone's view. It also hides the column from the info panel but there is a "Show/hide columns" option right below.
Contribute access (A step down, can see the option but cannot save it).

@john john Right now it is allowing visitors to see the option to "Show/Hide columns" and click through to "Save" but the change does not stick.