Which Apps and Flows are using my sharepoint list

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Hi All, I hope this is the right place to ask... I have a Sharepoint List that I use to drive some Power Apps and Flows. I know that others in the company also use it, but I am not sure how or to what extent. I need to make some changes to the List but I don't want to disrupt it for the others without warning... is there a way I can discover which Apps and Flows use my list? (I don't have sharepoint admin access or anything, but I could raise a help ticket internally if I knew exactly what to ask for). Thanks for any advice you can give!

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Hi @Michelle12345

to find out which Apps and Flows are using your SharePoint list, you can follow these steps:

Power Platform Admin Center:
In the Power Platform Admin Center interface (https://admin.powerplatform.microsoft.com/), in the left navigation, you can click on Analytics --> Power Automate --> Connectors to see all the connections you are using for all the flows.

Click on “SharePoint” connection and it will show the details of the connection.


Use Power Automate to get list of all MS flows **bleep**... - Power Platform Community (microsoft.co...

List Flows as Admin in Power Automate:
You can create a Power Automate Flow with a manual trigger that will get you a list of all the Flows deployed on a SharePoint List with the ‘when an item is created’ trigger.

Add an action “List Flows as Admin” or if you only want to get Flows created by you, you can add “List My Flows” action.

For more information you can use this link:
Get all the Flows connected to a SharePoint List/L... - Power Platform Community (microsoft.com)

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