Where to get support for SharePoint Online to fix UI bugs?

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since a SharePoint Online update around two weeks ago, we experience UI bugs and crashes on some basic library views, this heavily interrupts our work. I contacted the default Microsoft support, but they can't help me.


Where do i have to create a ticket to get someone knowledgeable to look at this and determine the cause of this issue? I don't mind paying money if it fixes the problem. 


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What kind of bug is it ? Is it on all sites or just a single one ?
Is the site created via SharePoint/Teams or via a provisioning engine ?

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Its created via SharePoint, we only use one site. The bugs only happen when initially loading the library or refreshing it. And it only happens in some views, even though all the views are very basic.

The whole site freezes when i want to for example edit the view or edit JSON column formating. It seems some resources aren't loaded properly in some scenarios. I couldn't find any issues in the browser console.