Where term store descriptions show?

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Hi all,

We want to make use of the description field from our term store so that users can see them.  So far the only place I have found that exposes it is when you chose to browse the term when you are adding a term to a column.  Not only that, but the term set that we want to use is connected to the "Skills" field in Delve, and I have have not been able to expose that anywhere.  Is there a way to expose it that I am not seeing?



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No answers? Not even a "nope?"

@shawn_fielding I've certainly not found a way yet. I was hoping to do the same when users select from a number of term sets when setting the page properties but it only displays the term rather than the description which would have been useful.




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@RobElliott I realise this is an old thread, but it might help someone that synonyms will be shown in the UI when selecting a term.




This is what I was going to do, but I have a few hundred terms that I need to import. Problem: you can't import synonyms, only term descriptions (which don't display anywhere.)

I'm surprised this has been an issue for more than 3 years.