Where is 'always keep on this device' in file explorer

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fod.pngI have my SharePoint libraries synced. There used to be an option in File Explorer to right click and select 'always keep on this device'. This allowed me to change the status of a selected document in Files On Demand to ensure I have a local copy on my machine. 
The ability to control files in this way is now missing from my list. How do I get it back? 

Thanks, Vicki

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@Victoria Symons 

Right but looks like this one is not synced now


I can confirm it is syncing

Hi @Victoria Symons ,

go to your OneDrive client (the little blue cloud on the right side of your task bar). Select Settings and scroll down to advanced settings.
There should be a setting called "Files on Demand".

Is that set to true?

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Of course the library is syncing and FOD is switched on. I simply don't see the options to control docs in file explorer like I used to via 'always keep on this device' or 'reset to online only'
I am syncing several different tenants and the behaviour is the same in all.
I can confirm the missing commands are back now in file explorer - after several weeks without them. Can only think it was an update bug issue.

@Victoria Symons "Always keep on this device" is still not available as of this date, 04.24.24. When are they going to fix it? O/S is Windows 11.