Where are "My Lists" Stored

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I created a new Lists using Microsoft lists.  It was saved in "My Lists".  It is now corrupted, so i want to restore from previous version (which is on by default).

How do i restore ?  I cannot find where My Lists are being 

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Personal Lists are hosed in ODFB so if you delete a personal list, it should be in the ODFB recycle bin
thanks for the reply
I checked the ODFB recycle bin. I could not understand the contents. The file names are cryptic codes.

The personal list is still available Microsoft 365, but the data is corrupt. I need to find how to restore the list from a previous version. I cannot figure out how to restore from previous version.

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I recreated the list and saved it to a Site, and now I can see the option to restore from previous version. When I save the list to "My Lists" there is no option shown to restore from previous version. SO it appears that although i set "My Lists" to use versions, it is not supported.