When to use SharePoint site/lists and when to use Planner to create projects and tasks application

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We want to create a project management application, with these main features:-


1) Create Plans

2) Create tasks within each plan

3) Define permission on who can view and edit the tasks

4) Create power apps to customize the application UI

5) Create power automate to automate some processes for the app



But I am confused if i should use SharePoint site and lists or to use Planner to implement the above requirements? and why?


Thanks in advance for any help

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Hello @johnjohn-Peter 


with Planner only Owner and Members have permissions to Plans and Tasks, it's not possible to use a read permission. When you use different permissions for each task and read permissions, then is a list the better way, so you can use item level permissions for your tasks.


Best, Dave

@David Mehr ok thanks for the reply. so seems if we need a customized project management then creating sharepoint list is a way to go of r, am i correct?  as seems the Planner customization is very limited