When should I associcate the site collection created by teams to hub?

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When should I associate the site collection created by teams to hub?




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Hello @tom_s1865 


when you use the SharePoint Site in a HUB, as example in a Project HUB, when you have a Teams per Project and with a Hub you inherited the design, navigation and search scope. See more: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-en/sharepoint/planning-hub-sites


P.s.: HUB Sites are an M365 feature only, nothing to do with your labels like SharePoint Server.


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@tom_s1865 Check below Microsoft official documentations, it will give you idea when to use SharePoint hub sites:

  1. What is a SharePoint hub site? 
  2. Planning your SharePoint hub sites 

From 1st link:

SharePoint hub sites help you meet the needs of your organization by connecting and organizing sites based on project, department, division, region, etc. making it easier to:

  • Discover related content such as news and other site activities

  • Apply common navigation, branding, and site structure across associated sites

  • Search across all associated sites

If you have above requirements for your business function, you should use hub site collection.


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