When Copying Files in a document library from one site collection to another can I ensure the versio

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I am copying Documents from a document library in one site collection to a Document Library in a second site collection.  Can I ensure that the version numbers are the same in the destination document library as they are in the source document library ?


What would be the best way to do this ?





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Once the new Copy to and Move to updates are pushed to your tenant, version history will move across. Currently mine does not do this. You can tell if your "Move to" button has SharePoint sites selectable.
Copy function will not move version history and metadata. Move function will do it (for metadata it's required you have the same metadata at the destination)

Hi @Pablo Ortiz


Yes, I have found them.  You can bump up the version by checking a file out and then check the file back in.





Sharegate has a free trial version and will copy everything exactly

Correct, but you will be using a trial version of a product so you cannot expect any kind of support from the maker and as you know, Sharegate trial can skip random contents when doing a copy