What's the preferred method of creating Lists for different departments ?

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Our small IT Team have been using lists for past few months on our own, I'm keeping meetings with each Dept Manager to find out about their processes and how Lists can be of assistance. 


Every Department have their own Microsoft Team which they use, we are not part of their Team,  Lists that we have done for other departments  were saved in either my OneDrive or other team member OneDrive then shared members who should have access to it but sometimes they tell us they get errors when trying to make edits of the List. my staff was checking permissions of list, he even tested giving person full control , it seemed to work but then got back error, somehow when two persons are in List, that happens.


I'm still doing more research on Sharepoint Sites,  it should be that every department have their own Sharepoint Dept. Site which would have links to their lists or power apps, What's best method in creating lists since it's our small IT Team that is taking care of the lists creation until as time passes where we do more training on lists to staff.



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