What's the most user friendly way to display 130 images on a modern page?

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You would think this would be quite easy, however I've tried several options now and nothing is really working that well.  All I want to do is display 130 photos in a way the is relatively user friendly so that a user can both see all the images at once and once they click on one image can quickly scroll through all the images.  Here's what I've attempted thus far.


1.  Use the image gallery web part (seems logical). Nope you can only display up to 30 images.

2.  Tried to send user directly to the document library with the tile view defaulted.  It seems to ignore this and reverts any user back to list view. 

3.  Highlighted content web part.  Brings back all the images, but users have to open each separately.  They can't click from image to image.

4.  Break the 130 photos up in 30 photo batches in 5 separate doc libraries and use the image gallery web part.  This works, but still stinks since the user would have to know to start over every 30 images in order to scroll between them.


I feel like there is something I'm missing in number 2.  This should be so easy.  Is there a URL or something I can use to hold the tile view? 

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Is it a modern Group Site? For option 2 can you use Picture library instead of document library?

I'm using a communication site.  There is no option to even create a picture library. 

I meant to follow up on this awhile back, but the Photo library list has the controls that work quite well for doing this. If your still needing to handle this let me know and I'll show the feature required to enable picture library to be added to a comm site.

I think we got it to work by selecting all the pictures we wanted to display rather selecting a document library and then having it only show the first 30 files.  You seemingly could select as many as you wanted to display.  I'd be curious to hear your solution though for future reference.  

So are you displaying these on a homepage or something? or just wanting to click into a place to view photos?

Yes.  They were photos from an event.  The events website was a communication site so thr intent was to have the photos directly on the sites homepage.