What's the method for getting notifications when something is published on SPO?

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A lot of the staff in our organization are field technicians who seem to be missing important articles being published on our SharePoint site. They aren't really ever logging in to SharePoint to observe articles or anything they may be following. To be fair to them, this is an issue for eight percent of the various staff in the company. I'm a little confused about the "correct" method for them to get near-instant notifications.    


Is there something I (the admin) can do to enable or push notifications (either in Teams or Outlook) to notify them something has been posted?  


I feel like the right way to do it, or the way it seems to maybe work, is to :star:️ follow a SharePoint site and wait for notifications to appear either in Outlook or Teams if you're not already actively engaging on the site. Either within 24 hours or with a week, you'll get an email that says, "Here's some things you might have missed". In practice, people are telling me this (following) isn't working for them and they're complaining that they're missing notifications. I don't have their devices in my hand to confirm if their settings are correct.    


This seems awfully passive and not proactive enough to ensure people are being notified of new posts.  


Is there a singular explicit guide for getting / pushing notifications when something is published on SharePoint? Consider that some people are only using phones while others are only using computers. I would prefer that everything be pushed to staff via Teams because we're trying to drive Teams engagement across the organization.  


The best I've found is this article about following SPO sites but it doesn't really mention what following a site will result in (other than what you see when you log into SharePoint) or how you might get notifications https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/find-and-follow-sites-news-and-content-4411e38f-9bc5-4ecc... Again, most people are not actively logging in to SharePoint so how can we have notifications pushed to them (in Teams)? 


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So my first recommendation is to setup Viva Connections, this way they will get notifications in teams when news is posted on the Home site.

My second recommendation is actually to invest in Viva Amplify, it actually solves this issue, as you can post to multiple channels. You can create news articles/campaigns from the application and push them to any source you want!

Also you get statistics where the most readers come from, funny enough my experience is that went sending out important new via outlook, you get 3x higher readership.

@Anthony-123 you could setup a flow in Power Automate to alert the staff by email that a new page or news post has been published and give them the dynamic link to it in the email.


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