What's the max duration for file activity to be kept before purge in document library?

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How long the duration for the file activities will be displayed before being purged?

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60 day window give or take from what I've seen.

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Could I have the link reference regarding to this info if any?

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Don’t have any documented and I doubt you’ll find it. I searched through multiple tenant and all of them show roughly 60 days of history.

Pretty sure it’s tied to audit log in security center which mighI have a limit in writing but I’ll have to look around

Yes, same with your thinking that it's associate with Audit Log (Security Compliance).

Thanks for your info.

Then the limit should not be 60 days, it should be 90 and for E5 subscriptions 180 days
I thought it was 90 as well. No telling what algorithm it’s using all I know is everywhere I’ve check it doesn’t show more than previous two months so many maybe it just shows previous two months 🤷🏻‍:male_sign:

We should raise it up to Microsoft to clarify this item whether it's 60 days or 90 days).

The audit logs are 90, the activity feed, looking at root level is exactly what I was thinking. I did more digging and the activity feed breaks it down like this Today, Last Week, Two Weeks ago, Three Weeks etc. Last Month, then it'll list the month before that so in this case "June". And that's the cut off.

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If you're talking about the activity feed in the Details Pane, then @Deleted is correct, we only keep this around for 60 days. Thanks!


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Is it possible to export or download this "activity feed" for files and folders (as it appears in SharePoint)?