What is the webhook endpoint URL used with Power Automate?

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I have a requirement to run workflow whenever a document library in any of 70 subsites is updated.  Now 70 workflows were used.


I did some research, webhook probably is the best approach to meet the requirement with two workflows, subscription and  handler flow. 


I followed the steps on this post: 



However, kept getting an error that failed to validate notification url when I tried to subscribe. The notification url I used is the http post url generated when http request is received action in the handler workflow. The notification url includes everything after invoke? Then I tried  https://******.sharepoint.com/your/webhook/service, it still doesn't work. 


Could anyone have used Power Automate with webhook advise what is wrong with using the http post url as the notification URL?  If not used, handler workflow won't be triggered to detect what has been changed and run approval workflow.

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