What is the result of MC219002 – Retirement of notifications functionality in all Office 365 web app

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We received this notice today:

We will be retiring the Notifications feature from the Office 365 web applications. This includes email, calendar and system alert notifications that appear with the bell icon in the header of these apps. Some app-specific notifications will continue to exist in certain applications such as Outlook and Yammer. Key Points: Major: Retirement Timing: August 24, 2020 Action: Review, assess and educate as appropriate


This will affect all users in your organization who use the Office 365 web applications such as Office.com, OneDrive and SharePoint. Users will still be able to access their email and calendar using the Outlook apps. System alert notifications such as for password expiration, will continue to be sent using email.


Is this the notification alerts inside SharePoint Document libraries? Does anyone have more details on this?

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It's the top-right corner bell thingy, which is pretty much used only for new email notifications/meeting reminders anyway.

@Vasil Michev 


Do you know if this changes the notifications you can set inside SharePoint to tell you when things have changes inside a folder or a file?

Have you ever seen those pop up in the notification pane? I've only ever seen actual emails, and this functionality will be kept for OWA.