What is the domain ""??

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Hello Everyone


From 3/2/2018, when I access my SharePoint site the following certificate site? is displayed.

And request me to type account and pw.. Although I entered my PW I cant access my sharepoint site. I want to know why? And how can I access my site.


So I want to ask the following questions:


1.When I access the above URL Office 365 sign in page is appeared what is the relationship between Microsoft?


2.Since today Microsoft is beginning to use the [] domain?


3. What is the purpose that Microsoft use the []?


4. I googled and I found the following site. And I can also search the domain [] in there.

I really don’t understand why microsoft use the thteats? Site for what purpose DNS?

I did not have this situation previous to 3/2/2018.


Can anyone tell me how to resolve this situation..

 I do not have any certificate knowledge so I will very appreciate if anyone can tell me the reason simply.




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@Peter86PLIn my case I get CAPI2 certificate errors and event viewer, which is how I found this domain, and one of the errors I regularly get lists the url * and the process associated with it it lsass.exe... I do not have even have office or outlook installed on this pc. Microsoft please give us an update!