What is Impact of new technologies on Spa and Wellness industry

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The era that we are living in is mostly dominated by technology. More than half of the services have shifted to online platforms and why not? The hassle on both ends of the buyer and provider reduces to a large extent. We have online food delivery, birthday cakes, taxi services, house cleaning and what not! In fact, a pretty flexible mobile massage service in available in London which helps you get spa services wherever you want. But when we talk of core technology, we have to concentrate on the various gadgets being made to ease human life more and more daily. The effect of extensive research and development has reached to various sectors of the society including the health and wellness sector. This sector includes the spa services and different therapies. The wellness sector has been introduced to new gadgets which are designed with scientific insight about what will suit the body right. 

DAILY USAGE: The technology has not been restricted to the centres where the services are provided. Each individual can experience the effect when he/she buys a smart watch or a FitBit. These are wearable gadgets which suit themselves according to your pulses. They can read pulse counts and oxygen levels in your body. You can wear them the whole day to measure the number of steps you have walked and the amount of calories you have lost. 

AI AND SMART DATA: Artificial Intelligence is one of the biggest inventions of the 20th century and the works that are being produced on this are extensive today. Gadgets are smart enough to converse with you and know about your preference. Research is going on continuously on how to intrude into man’s emotional system apart from the physical health. And this may be possible by keeping data about the amount of particular hormones secreted at different moods. By recording this data, a conclusion can be made and installed in a system. This type of data is known as smart data. 

TECHNOLOGY WILL GRADUALLY CONTROL HUMANS: In earlier times, people used to take spa sessions to rejuvenate themselves and it would help them with any situation they are going through. Mobile massage services are also available to ensure convenience. But, with the advent of technological developments, homes are getting smarter and people are being directed to do stuffs according to what the system decides. For example, in a smart home, your system knows exactly when you wake up, what exercises you need, when your meals are due and a lot more. This process seems attractive on the outside. But deep down, if we think about it, this is a process of gradual submission of oneself to the software controlled environment. 

SENSE OF REALITY: The two very budding technology are virtual reality and augmented reality. To experience these, all we need are some gears. The virtual reality helps us visualise ourselves in the environment that is being viewed to us. The sense of reality in the multi dimension picture we see makes us feel as if we are present in that environment at that very moment. This has been very useful in times of COVID-19 when travelling to places was restricted, but the feel of a serene environment could be attained if you would take any mind healing service. 

EFFECTS ON THE SPA AND WELLBEING SERVICES: The spas operated manually provide a major advantage to regular customers. The service providers know everything about the preferences of the customers and they provide with personalised experiences crafted for individual customer. When AI is implemented in these industries, the difficulty lies in recording so much data about the customers but technology is gradually trying to grasp all sorts of problems. Also, the various machines that are used in this industry are being improved with latest technologies so that they are able to hit the right spot in terms of therapy. Machine services are obviously more efficient than manual services, but the system goes by the principal of “one size fits all”. This problem can be tackled by feeding in loads of data about preferences so that the machines can be controlled according to the choice of the customers. 

Though the dominance of technology has taken over a large part of the wellness industry, it can never replace what is called the human touch. People will still attend counselling sessions when they go through major mental health crises, because a machine cannot give you life solutions right? We have a lot of advantages with such top notch technology being introduced in every sector these days, but the connections made over conversations cannot be replaced with conversations with chat bots. The last two years have escalated technology to a great extent. We have learnt for our entire lives that things come as boons and banes and rigorous technology is a just example of that.

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