What is going on with LISTS?

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All of the sudden, one of our SharePoint Lists has completely changed its appearance and function. It has more of the new list style now. We have to change this back to retain its functionality immediately.  


I found this post about the change https://oneminuteofficemagic.com/2024/05/10/new-list-view-layout-in-sharepoint-online/comment-page-1 


Apparently using Power Automate to add something to a List no longer works. Thanks for breaking a workflow that's been the core of our operations for over three years.   







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@Anthony-123 yes Microsoft are currently moving the old SharePoint lists UI to the new Microsoft Lists. 

I really hate when Microsoft makes needless changes just to create confusion and frustration and loss of productivity for my staff. And more work for me.
I am struggling with this change as well. In my case, when a SharePoint list displays like a Microsoft List the Gallery layout option is not available so my JSON formatting no longer works.

I tried forcing the list to display in SharePoint as suggested at the URL below, but the SharePoint List still displays as a Microsoft List. I have tried this with lists on different tenants. https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/msoffice/forum/all/sharepoint-now-displays-as-microsoft-lists/2f....

Also, on the same SharePoint site some lists display as a Microsoft List and other lists display as a SharePoint List.

Quite frustrating indeed.

I had a simple set of lists for various sites across the country that we used to track the movements of backup tapes. Nothing flashy and no formulas in the spreadsheet. Everything worked fine until today.


The list of views used to appear in a drop down menu now it appears every view has its own tab.

The filter stayed remembered the last state in that if the filter was open when you closed the page it would still be open when you logged in again. Now you have to click on the filter icon every single time.


When updating the date column if you change the 1st cell then drag down to update the rest of the column random red flag errors appear saying there is an error in the cell. This never happened before.


And last but not least if you hit ctrl +p to print the page as a pdf most of the time only the first column of data appears but if you close and repeat a few times (usually no more than 2 or 3) suddenly all the data on the page miraculously appears in the pdf.


I know and understand Microsoft can make whatever changes they want to their products and we choose to use them but come on guys these changes  look like someone forgot to lock the desktop when they went for a comfort break and someone fraped their code

Update from Microsoft support:

The core functionality of SharePoint Lists has been updated to resemble Microsoft Lists. It’s important to note that rolling back the core functionality of SharePoint Lists to a previous state cannot be possible.  


Microsoft has removed Wiki which we relied upon HEAVILY for organization instructions. 

Microsoft is changing Power Automate which I work in EVERY DAY to build automated workflows. 

Now they've altered a core platform that 500 people rely upon to observe and maintain thousands of projects around the world.  


It has become readily apparent that we have made the wrong choice to partner with (pay for) Microsoft to build and sustain our business. I'm exhausted with having to undo and research alternatives to things Microsoft has killed or broken. This is not what my job should be. 

Dare I ask what changes they are making to Power Automate? I use it regularly too.
There are also changes in the standard form layout. We see less columns than before and the comments are always ON. I ha really bad comments from our users. They want their old UI back.
When updating the date column if you change the 1st cell then drag down to update the rest of the column random red flag errors appear saying there is an error in the cell. This never happened before.

On further digging these red flags are sync issues and appear at random when updating any format of cell using the drag down menu. Meaning if a user isn't paying attention and doesn't notice this flag then the relevant cell they thought was updated with new data isn't.. This is potentially an extremely serious issue for organisations with a large number of users who are using lists for high volume data management.
The core functionality of SharePoint Lists has been updated to resemble Microsoft Lists. It’s important to note that rolling back the core functionality of SharePoint Lists to a previous state cannot be possible.

Meaning it is possible but we wont do it so there
We are starting to see this change across our business too and not a good experience. A lot of our custom list/view formatting is breaking, which is causing havoc, the ability for people to clear our filtered views is horrible, and the tabs (views) across the top are also not great, especially when you have a lot of custom views. In addition, the filters labels are showing the internal names of our columns (how hard can it be to get this right).

We are only seeing the new MS List view in some of our SharePoint lists and only for certain users which is making it an even worse experience. We have approx. 50k users, so a massive impact for us.

Microsoft, I've seen some bad implementations and rollouts, but this one takes the cake. Please provide us a way to disable this change until you fix everything (should have been done before the initial rollout).
There's what's called New Designer now with a toggle on the top right. I have to assume you've encountered this by now. https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/power-automate/flows-designer

Sometimes the toggle on the top right is there, sometimes it's not. If not, you can change the end of the page URL from &v3=true to &v3=false

To keep a flow in classic designer, add a comment to the trigger and save it.

For now, this is working but I'm just waiting for the shoe to drop. I have tried the new designer and it's just atrocious and inefficient. I'm still relatively new to Power Automate but in the past four years, I've learned how to work with the platform. They're now asking / mandating people relearn the platform and retrain their brains to work with something that's slower, less intuitive, and less logical. Practically, they're squeezing a drafting table down to the size of a cell phone screen.

It's a weekly, if not daily, occurrence now that Microsoft rolls out some update that just adds inefficiencies to my job. I can not think of a single thing they've implemented that was helpful to me in any way.

This update has been slowly rolled out across our organisation over the past few months and as of this week it seems that everyone has the update which is causing endless headaches almost daily we are encountering new issues.

The latest issue's we're trying to figure out is when using a combination of a couple of column filters and a single column grouping the filters work for the first grouping section but not for the rest. Oddly enough this issue doesn't happen in Brave browser but does in the lists app, chrome and edge browsers.

Another major issue which wasn't the case before the update - all 3 below issues are related to the export to excel function 1) no longer respecting user level permissions or 2) folder level hierarchy and 3) filtered views when exporting to excel.
1) Users with folder level permissions (can only view/edit items within folders to which they have access) can somehow now see the entire list data when exporting to excel which is a massive data security issue.
2) When exporting list items from a specific folder within a folder hierarchy it exports all list data once again not only data from within that folder.
3) Also it's not possible to export a filtered view, more info here: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/msoffice/forum/all/sharepoint-modern-lists-interface-exports-to-...

We are now having to look into disabling the export to excel function until this bug can be corrected.

@Anthony-123 Due to bugs in the new Lists, our business office has moved back to Excel. They cannot reliably copy paste rows or use Excel-like keyboard functionality without losing focus to the mouse/browser. I can tell they've lost confidence in SharePoint overall and my advocacy for it. I suspect that they'll shift to Smartlists based on recommendations from peers that use it.


As an IT consultant, it's challenging enough to educate staff on the value of SharePoint, and when it finally clicks for them and this happens...

In case this helps any-


We have issues as well. With our users it was the UI issues with column headers on left hand of the page that causes the most issues. To get by this issue for now, we can add "?disable3PCode=true" to the end of the SharePoint list URL to at least help with the column header alignment

SO... this explains the issue we've just encountered. I have been using a 'text' field to store a hyperlink that could be clicked on to navigate to a SharePoint record from within a list view. This no longer works - the pointer will recognise it's a hyperlink, provide the hyperlink preview in the bottom left corner of Edge, but the 'click' action is ignored - same behaviour in Edge and Chrome.
If I store a hyperlink in a hyperlink field, I can use the click through from a List View. The problem is, hyperlink fields are limited to 255 characters. I was using '?source=...' to return the user to their personalised Lists and this no longer fits in a hyperlink field.
So what was a nice one click solution (to double click open a record and then click on the hyperlink, return me to my list. Is now a three click solution. OR a one click, ugly opens-a-new tab solution and returns the user to the form's native list - not the personalised list.
Not happy - it just makes us admins/devs look bad in the business when app behaviour changes like this unexpected and then we waste time researching, looking for fixes, having to explain, implementing a fix that is not as elegant... Our jobs are busy and hard enough as it is.
Try the brave browser. I have noticed several things in edge and lists that dont work in chrome of firefox but work ok in brave not sure why
FYI: Registering any SPFX List extension (CommandSet) for the list disables the new look and returns to the default modern look.

@frevd hi Fred. I did a quick search for how to do this, and it’s unclear if this is something a site admin can do or a 365 admin. Sorry if I’m missing something obvious. Even if this is the case, is it a work around or something that Microsoft will “address” in its effort to impose the new experience on admins that have found a loophole?

@AndyM4c thanks - our Corporate MOE is tightly locked down to either Edge or Chrome. We cannot install any other browser. In fact all of our apps are delivered via a Company Portal. Edge is preferred over Chrome as we use document attachments to sharepoint records and Chrome forces users to 'download' an attachment rather than view/edit within the browser/app (i.e. making it a collaborative experience). So I am very limited here to even be able to troubleshoot with an alternate browser. But thank you for your suggestion.