What is an "Other Device"?


In my SharePoint usage report, it identifies different device types. Does anyone have any insight into what an "other device" actually is? (See final item in attached image.) How is this different than something on mobile or a tablet? For the most part we don't have access by "other" devices, but occasionally it does pop up.

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We have this question as well. Can anyone from Microsoft get an answer on this, please?

Maybe they are unmanaged devices? https://docs.microsoft.com/en-ca/sharepoint/control-access-from-unmanaged-devices


I got an informal answer from Microsoft:

'Other devices' are all devices that are not those indicated in the other categories. For example, a back office process, or an application that will post or modify a document in SharePoint will be classified in 'Other devices'. For example, if your SAP infrastructure sends documents in SharePoint, it will be classified in this category.