What Happened To Details Pane In SharePoint Lists???

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  • I understand MS is probably pushing to get lists in SharePoint to open inside the Lists app
  • Within the past 2 days, I have seen 2 of my tenants (I'm on targeted release) update to where lists in SharePoint have a similar look/feel to lists in the LISTS app.
  • I have also noticed that the "open in immersive mode" [this option is supposed to remove the SP navigation] arrows pop the SP List into the Microsoft Lists web version (with purple border at the top)
    • After you are in the MS Lists web look and feel, the "open in immersive mode" arrows change to "open in site"
  • I guess all of the above is well and good...however, the thing that is most frustrating is the removal of the details pane!
    • Where did it go? I can't see it anywhere!
    • I use the details pane all the time to help determine who made changes, who deleted things, who added things, etc.
    • It's also the way many users edit list items! Arrrrggghhhh!
  • Has anyone else experienced this?
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@Michael Malloy I still see the details pane in our targeted release tenant: 

ganeshsanap_0-1707911974274.pngIf the issue is specific to your tenants, I will suggest you to raise a support ticket with Microsoft directly and report this behavior. Follow: Get M365 support - online support 


Additional: You can also keep the SharePoint site elements like the header and navigation visible when SharePoint list is opening in the Lists app. 


Go to your SharePoint site settings > Navigation Elements settings and change below option: 

ganeshsanap_1-1707912292163.pngYou can go to Navigation Elements settings page directly using the URL in this format: 


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Thanks...it looks like you have the update as well...but mine looks like this....I have tabs for the switching of views vs a drop down. I was already aware of the nav elements setting...it did nothing. What's also weird is that I have 2 tenants that look the same WITHOUT the details pane!

No Details Pane.jpg

Same here. The button to open the details pane is gone. The only work around that I have found so far, is to use the "Edit in grid view" button.
Yeah...this is pretty goofy. Hasn't dropped to my GA users and I hope it doesn't unless they fix this!

Has there been any further action on this issue? I'm also not seeing the Details Pane button.

@Leah-LOR I too would love to know. The same thing has happened to me, but not to other people in my team. 

If you right click the specific list item, there is a Details option in the menu, clicking this shows the details pane. Another tip, if you double click the item it pops up the list form for editing fields.



@Sezai366 yes, this is is the only way I discovered to access that "preview" / side-panel view - which used to have a small "i" icon in the top right for easy access...

Also agree with this entire thread - it's seems MS is removing (or hiding) some of the useful/nice-to-have features/shortcuts...it is concerning because the next step is probably to remove the functionality entirely.